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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is incredibly vital for all businesses in this day-and-age. With Google’s ever-changing algorithms and constantly adapting consumer trends it’s more important than ever that you stay ahead of the curve.

Leadspring has a team of marketing experts on hand to offer a fantastic SEO service. Our team can tailor their work to suit almost any business with the ultimate aim being to drive more organic traffic to your website.

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What’s included within the SEO package?

Stage 1

First things first, we’ll carry out a number of audits. It’s important for us to get a good gauge of how your site is currently set up for SEO. Here are the audits that we’ll carry out:

Technical Audit

Before we get started with your SEO campaign we want to ensure your website is technically geared up to maximise the results from the campaign ongoing. During your technical audit we will ensure every page is optimised with the appropriate meta tags, check for internal errors and identify any deeper technical issues that could hinder the progress of your website and ensure they are rectified.

Content Audit

Google loves websites which provide insightful information and rewards them with search engine traffic. All too often we see pages online with very little information, or, even worse, none at all. We will audit all of the content on your website and make improvements where needed to ensure that, not only are the pages optimised for the best keywords, but that each page is providing useful information for users.

Link Audit

Backlinks are an important factor if you want to see your site climbing up the rankings. To kick-start your SEO campaign we will audit the backlinks to your site to ensure you have a good foundation for us to start building new, high quality links. We will be looking for any unsavoury, bad quality links which can have a negative impact on your website and removing the backlink if we feel it is necessary.

Citation Audit

A citation is any mention of your business’s name, address and phone number online and how Google knows that your business is where you say it is – and they are usually plagued with inconsistencies. In your citation audit we will take a closer look at the citations your website already has and ensure they are all consistent with the correct name, address and phone number for your business.

Stage 2

Once we’ve taken a look at your website and carried out the above audits we will create a tailored SEO package that will be designed to suit your specific needs. This will then be rolled out on a monthly basis, with tweaks and changes being made as results are measured.

Your bespoke SEO package will include a number of the following aspects:

On-site Optimisation

We want to make sure that your website is perfectly optimised for search. This includes fixing any issues with your meta data; making changes to certain aspects of your site and it’s HTML code in order to improve rankings for specific search terms; and dealing with any other SEO related problems that may arise.

Citation Building

Citations can play a huge part in helping your business rank well in local search results pages. Therefore, once we have evaluated your current citations, we will work hard to not only create more, but also to edit and adjust any current citations you have set up that may be incorrect.

Blog Posts (On Site)

We may decide to create blog content to help boost your site’s potential to rank high in results. Blog content is valuable in the world of SEO, and offers you a chance to add fresh new copy to your website. You also have the added bonus of being able to share your new blog posts with your followers on social media.

Link Building

We will aim to build links to your site whilst also maintaining your current links. This means ensuring any unnatural links, which could harm your dealership’s ranking, are dealt with. We can also ensure that any broken links are fixed so their benefit can be felt. We may also identify new opportunities to generate new links to your site!

Monthly Reports

On a set date each month you’ll receive a report that outlines the work that’s been carried out and the effect it’s had on your rankings. Our team works hard to carry out the work to great effect, whilst also ensuring that you’re kept abreast with what is going on at all times.

Play the long game!

Our SEO package is a long term campaign and customers shouldn’t expect to see results improving instantly. We usually wouldn’t expect to see any clear improvements until around the 6th month of the campaign. However, we will be continually communicating the work being done and any positive results through the monthly reports mentioned above.

It’s also worth noting that SEO is an ever-changing specialist field and we cannot 100% guarantee incredible results right away. However, we are very confident that we can deliver fantastic results to the majority of our customers.

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